Hey! It's me, Berry.

Welcome to my domain. Please have a seat.
I hear you’re looking for someone who is an expert in all things digital. A maverick. An aficionado, if you will.
Well, you’ve come to the right place. I’m here to tell you that I’ve been burnt before in this industry, and take it from me, a piece of toast—being burnt never feels good.
You need someone on your side who’s done it all.
(Let me tell you, I’ve done it all.)
Since I had my experience of being burnt in this industry, I made a firm decision to never get burnt again—so I created my own company, called Burnt Toast Media.
Burnt Toast Media is your one-stop shop for all your digital needs. I’ve assembled an elite team of professionals to provide the following services: photography, videography, graphic design, web design, SEO, social media management, advertising, and business consulting. Their expertise are unparalleled and collectively, they are the heart of Burnt Toast Media.
Our mission is simple: to provide our clients with an innovative, no-nonsense approach to comprehensive marketing. In today’s digital world, mastering your web presence translates to a self-propelled sales and marketing machine—a powerhouse that will generate an ever-increasing return on investment.
Your customers are online, and you should be too. Your website and social media should look solid, flawless, and strong. At Burnt Toast Media, we focus heavily on your brand image—how we can make you stand out against your competition—while still being true to yourself.
You’ve done the hard work. You’ve come this far. You’ve built up your business, you’ve delighted your customers, and you’ve grown. You deserve an online presence that matches the passion you’ve put into your business, and that’s what our team is here for.
Whether you need to refresh your branding, update business cards, need photography, flyers, cover photos, or you are looking to create an alluring website, Burnt Toast Media provides high class, modern designs and excellent back-end development at a competitive price.
We are the digital professionals you’ve been looking for; with our wide range of proficient capabilities, combined with our experiential digital business acumen, we are confident in our ability to deliver significant, measurable improvements to your bottom line.
Here’s my card. You know where I’ll be.
Call me for a free consultation and learn how my creative team at Burnt Toast Media can help you take your digital media to the next level.


I created Burnt Toast Media to help guide you on your digital media journey.

I can help you step outside your box and take your business down a more effective and engaging route. I've done it for a lot of other companies, and I can do it for yours too. Are you ready to draw in more business? Are you ready to start amassing a huge following of loyal customers? If so, I'm giving you my personal, ironclad No Burn Guarantee. Being burnt never feels good. That's why at Burnt Toast Media, there's no burning, just earning. That's my promise if you follow my lead.